Simple Ways to Solve Your Toothache Problem

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Are you looking for the best ways to effectively deal with your tooth pain? There is nothing more intense and agonizing than tooth pain – it’s beyond it’s small proportion. You would want to have your beauty rest but this toothache will strike you at night and you have no place or dentist to go at that time. This is what this is written for. We will tackle some of the effective ways on how you can manage toothache in no time at the comfort of your home.

Home remedies: There are some home remedies which can give you temporary, if not permanent relief from toothache. One such home remedy is clove oil. Some people have used clove oil successfully. For others, tea bags work better.

Ice: Ice is one of the easiest ways to get rid of toothache. Do not apply ice directly on your skin. Take a cloth and put some ice cubes in it. Then apply the cloth on the part of your cheek from where toothache is coming. This should give you temporary relief if nothing else.

Take medications: If your dentist has prescribed some medications for you, you should take them religiously as instructed. If your dentist has not prescribed any medicines for you or if you have not managed to pay a visit to the dentist yet, then you can buy some over-the-counter medications that can give you temporary relief. These medications will help you get rid of toothache fast.

Wash your mouth thoroughly: When you have toothache, the least you can do is to wash your mouth thoroughly so as to remove any food particles present in your tooth enamel. First, wash your mouth with lukewarm water then brush thoroughly using a toothbrush or floss. Make sure you brush the parts that surround your injured tooth.

Avoid pressure: You should avoid giving excessive pressure on your teeth. Refrain from chewing hard foods. Also refrain from chewing by the side of the mouth from where toothache is coming. I know it is very natural to chew with two sides of mouth, so be very alert when chewing foods. Also it is best that you chew soft foods and avoid hard foods as much as you can.

Call your dentist: The very first thing you need to do is to get an appointment with a dentist. Make an appointment with the dentist as soon as you can. Remember that just like doctors, dentists are also very busy people and can get booked quickly. Some dentists may squeeze you in if your toothache is an emergency, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Also, if you have problems with money or if there are any insurance issues, it is better to sort them out first than to regret later.

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