baking soda and water

Solving Your Problems With Tooth Pain

There are people who do not give due attention to the health of their teeth and gums. Only when, they feel tooth pain or gum pain that they have come to their senses and realize that they need to do something about their teeth. Now, they become regretful on not keeping a regular good oral hygiene because right now, they are experiencing excruciating pain. If taken good care of, are you even aware that you teeth can make you look good. It can be the first thing that people are impressed of whenever you smile. So don’t you think that your teeth deserve all the care it can get from you?
A visit to the dentist is of paramount importance whenever you have problems with tooth or gum pain. But because you cannot get the dentists presence ASAP, but your tooth pain calls for it ASAP, then, homemade remedies can surely help in alleviating the problem temporarily. Here is a list of something that you can do and it is up to you to choose whichever you feel can work for you.
Grab a small tea bag and put in warm water. After warming it, apply the tea bag directly to the affected tooth.
Do not take foods or drinks that are very sweet or have high glucose content such as chocolate; it may cause another tooth problem.
Salt with water is also effective to ease a toothache. It is considered an effective natural remedy of tooth pain.
Just like when you have bumps and bruises on your skin, apply ice directly on the side of the face where pain is felt to remove the ache.
Do not drink substance that are very cold or very hot; it might worsen the aching of the tooth.
There are some cases that a toothache can be solved with just a simple remedy with the use baking soda and water. A mix of these two substances can provide temporary relief, but it is best if you could ask from your dentist for safety purposes.
A toothache is a result to tooth decay. Take note that preventing tooth decay can be done by proper dental hygiene.
If the pain is still unrelieved, drink pain reliever medicine. It will ease the pain for hours, but you have to go to the nearest dental clinic that can help you dental pain.
If the toothache gets worse and you cannot stand the pain, the dentist will decide whether to remove the tooth or not.