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Importance of a Dental Visit in Managing Tooth Pain

I have a friend once who said to me that he is having a toothache. I advised him to visit the dentist but he said that that won’t be needed because he can tolerate the pain and after all, he does not have enough money to pay the bill or has any insurance for that. So he just left it there and would just try a few herbal remedies here and there. Since these herbal remedies, are just remedies – that is they are temporary, the pain got worse in time until no other hoe relief can ease the intense tooth pain, even over the counter medicines like Advil. He had no choice but was forced to go to the dentist. Because the tooth was really bad, the dentist had to advice him to let the tooth be extracted. And so it was, after the inflammation was treated first by antibiotics.
Normally, you can probably take something you have around the house already like ibuprofen or aspirin to ease the pain for a short time, but it will only be a temporary remedy. A heating pad or ice pack can also help for a while, but again, this is a short-term fix. It is generally not a good idea to use the heating pad unless you find it very helpful because, if there happens to be infection, you could exacerbate it. Ice, however, has great numbing qualities and can work for a short while.

It pays to be aware of the reason behind your toothache. Do you have a cracked tooth, an abscess, an infection, tooth decay, or possibly food stuck between your teeth? Yes, this can cause pain too! So to begin with, rinse your mouth out very thoroughly and brush and floss your teeth to be sure you don’t have anything stuck. Sometimes you won’t even realize it is there. If this is the cause of your pain you’ll be just fine once you get rid of the offending food particle.

Let’s say this has not done the trick, so try a warm saltwater rinse. If your gums are sore, this rinse will also be beneficial for that soreness too.

There are times when you lie down this will make your toothache worse. If that is the case, try elevating the head of your bed or just use another pillow.

An important advice is that you should avoid while you are still hurting from your tooth pain is hot and cold foods or drinks, as well as sugary foods. These will worsen your toothache and can even cause your tooth to be ever more painful. If you keep these extreme temperatures away from the problem area and avoid chewing on the side where the ache is, it will give the tooth time to calm down and the pain should go away with one or more of the aforementioned remedies.