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Healing Tooth Pain the Natural Way

Toothache is one of mankind’s worst agony – you won’t believe me? Try to ask someone who tried to ignore their mild toothache and after a couple of days the pain strikes them at an excruciating level that they couldn’t even sleep, eat or do go to their work. You may be looking right now for something that can sooth your tooth pain. And yes, the most advisable thing to do is pay your dentist a visit. But you cannot just have your dentist’s attention right at this very moment where you are experiencing the pain. So you may want to try some effective home remedies to sooth your tooth pain first.

The natural way is always safer than over the counter pharmacologic means. Why not try to open your kitchen cupboards and look for the following natural remedies. You can be surprised at how effective they can become.
A good option to cure toothache pain is cucumber. Its cooling effect will ease the pain and help you relax. Since it just helps in alleviating the pain, I would suggest that you follow this up with garlic. I know it doesn’t sound pretty, garlic has rather a foul smell and even a nastier taste. BUT garlic is an old spice, and contains a high dosage of analgesic and anti-infection components. This will definitely assure you of curing both toothache pain and tooth infection. Crush a clove of garlic, and a bit of salt and allow to sit on the affected area for about a minute or two.

Since toothache pain is a symptom of a pending infection, try to avert further complications by mixing a glassful of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of salt; Gargle the mixture for about three to five minutes, concentrating on the affected area every after meal. The salt will help prevent infection and immediately alleviates the pain. Gargling water after meals will also help in dislodging food particles caught between teeth and gums
You can administer some first aid home remedy in the form of vanilla extract. But you have to clean the area first. Kids won’t be able to tell it’s medication at all! As it smells good, and tastes good as well. Soak a piece of cotton ball in a bit of vanilla extract and administer a few drops of the extract directly onto the gum and tooth area. Pure vanilla extract will help cure the toothache pain immediately.

If your child cannot take the pain, calm him first by letting him lie on his side, slightly elevated to ease the pressure on his jaw line. This will help him relax while you whip up a natural cure for his toothache pain. Apply a cold compress on his cheek and gently massage the area between his thumb and index finger. This simple acupressure procedure is proven to cure toothache pain by using pressure on specific body points.
Another favorite home remedy is the Oil of Clove. This wonder herb is now available in small bottles and can be bought over-the-counter in your local pharmacies. It is suggested to use this sparingly though as this herb really is strong. Its analgesic and anti-infection properties are well known to be in high concentrates. You may take a cotton bud, and drop one or two drops of the oil and dilute the solution by running it through tap water. Apply directly on painful gum area and tooth to cure toothache pain instantly.

You may as well use peppermint instead of those suggested above. Peppermint is cool on the tongue and has no foul smell or taste. Crush a bit of peppermint leaves, add a bit of salt and allow your child to chew on the leaves for about a few minutes. Cure for the toothache pain will then be available.